How to Walk a Good Friday Walk


1. Select a Coordinator

  • Select someone to organize walkers, download sponsor sheets and stepping out site.
  • Select members of your team to help at the stepping out site.  Ex: team members to collect monies etc.

2. Set a Goal

  •  If 50 walkers from 1 site, raise on an average of $100 each, that would add up to $5,000.  There are over 15 stepping out sites!
  • Monies raised would help our hungry and homeless a million fold.

3. Organize

  • Start Now. It is never too early to begin planning.
  • Collect all materials necessary and distribute to your walkers.
  •  Helpful tips the day of the walk:
  •  Start the walk with a prayer and or blessing.
  • Have a driver (and their phone #) at your site in case one of the team members tires.
  • Have snacks and water/coffee before the walk.
  • Make a banner with your site’s name on it.

 5. Publicize

  • Create an event  of your site on our Good Friday Walk Facebook page.
  • Encourage people to visit our website
  • Call local news station and local news papers.  Invite them to announce and WALK and DONATE!!!!!!!!!

6. Recruit

  • Invite people to join a team at a Stepping Out Site of their choice.
  • Ask schools, churches and organizations to walk and or donate.

7. Donations

  • Direct sponsors to the website to make a secure donation using Paypal.
  • If there are participants who would prefer to use a written pledge sheet direct them to the website for pledge sheets or print some ahead of time to hand out.

8. Collect Outstanding Pledges

  • If your walkers or their sponsors have not made their donations online, remind walkers to collect any remaining pledges.
  • Turn cash into one check from your group made out to the Good Friday Walk.