Stepping Out Sites

Please choose a Stepping Out Site.  You may contact the site’s contact person for more information.

Each Stepping Out Site will provide all walkers with the route/map they will be taking.  Community Police escorts will be at sites that are in need of an escort.  The police will stop the traffic so all walkers may cross safely.   Please provide the Police Escort with a route/map.

Step out begins at approximately  8:30am. There will be a short blessing at each site. Good Friday walkers will  be coming from all directions, stepping out from their site and  will converge at the State House for a rally.  For more about the rally please visit the 2017 Good Friday Walk Page.

Walkers in  need of a bus back to their Stepping Out Site, buses will be available free of charge.

Stepping Out Sites 2017

St. Raymond’s SVDP, Providence
1240 North Main St, Providence 02904
Louise Barone, parish administrator 351-4224 (
Mary Joan Flaxington (


St. Patrick’s Church, Providence
244 Smith St, Providence 02908
Doreen Holmes 274-6286 (


Calvary Baptist Church, Providence
South Providence Neighborhood Matters (461-7509)
747 Broad St, Providence 02907
Yvette Kenner (
Joined by
     Crossroads, Providence
      160 Broad Street, Providence 02903


St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Providence
239 Oxford St, Providence (781-7210)
Sister Joyce Flowers (
and Phyllis Araujo



Sophia Academy, Providence
582 Elmwood Ave, Providence 02907 (784-0021)
Sister Mary Reilly ( 401-253-4907
Ana Ceballos ( 784-0021


People’s Baptist Church, Cranston
1275 Elmwood Ave, Cranston (467-8220)
Dr. King O’Dell ( 941-5472


Haven United Methodist Church, East Providence
200 Taunton Ave, East Providence (463-8697)
Clarice Gothberg (,  829-7475


St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, Providence
50 Orchard Ave, Providence 02906 (751-2141)
Mary Hollinshead (
Chris Izzo (


St. Anthony’s Church, Providence
549 Plainfield St, Providence  (943-2300)
Ray Morgan ( 732-6181
Joined by
     Our Lady of Good Counsel, West Warwick
      60 Pleasant St, West Warwick 02893 — Susan Ceneri ( 401-822-1869


St. Mary’s on Broadway Catholic Church, Providence
538 Broadway, Providence 02909 (401-274-3434)
Valerie Bishop Admin.Asst. (
Sister Mariana, coordinator Office Mon-Thurs 9:30-1 PM


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