New Board of Directors

Please welcome our new board members.

President:  Ann Wiard – Good Neighbors RI
Vice President: King Odell – People’s Baptist Church
Secretary:  Sue Bowler – St Paul, SVDP
Treasurer: Jacob Ihnen – Epiphany Soup Kitchen

A special thank you to our previous board members, Liz Neubauer, Cathy Fox, and John Lawlor.
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.


New Committee Members

  • Step Out Site Committee,Chair—  Mary Hollinshead

           Members:  Ray Morgan, John Lawlor, Marie Alexander

  • Website & Facebook ,Chair—  Doreen Holmes

            Members: Eileen Soltys, Chris Cedroni, Ron Watts

  • Logistics Committee ,Chair—  Sr Mary Reilly

            Members: Liz Neubauer, Cathy Fox, Sue Bowler

  • Fundraising Committee, Chair—  Liz Neubauer

           Members: King Odell, Ray Morgan

  • Outreach/PR, Chair— Ann Wiard

            Members Sr Eileen Davey, Sue Bowler