Board of Directors

  Board of Directors

President: Liz Neubauer- McAuley Ministries
Vice President: King Odell- People’s Baptist Church
Secretary: Cathy Fox- St. Michael’s Church
Treasurer: John Lawlor-St. Martin’s Episcopal Church



Step Out Site Committee,Chair— Mary Hollinshead

                  Members: John Lawlor, Clarise Gothbert, Bill Aldrich and Ray Morgan

  • Communications Committee ,Chair—Doreen Holmes

                 Members: Eileen Solyts, George Marley and Chris Cedroni

  • Logistics Committee ,Chair—Sr. Mary Reilly / Co Chair-Cathy Fox

               Members: Sr Joan Rokicki

  • Fundraising Committee, Chair—George Marley

                 Members: Liz Neubauer and George Marley



Members-at Large

  • William Aldrich & Clarice Gothberg Project Outreach, Open Table of Christ

  • Mary Hollinshead & Rosemary Preston–  Epiphany Soup Kitchen

  • Doreen Holmes & Eileen Soltys- Mary House
  • Chris Izzo- St Martin Episcopal Church
  • Diana Burnett- PICA

  • George Marley- AIDS Care Ocean State

  • Ray Morgan – St. Anthony (Providence)

  • Sr Mary Reilly, RSM- Sophia Academy

  • Ann Wiard – Good Neighbors

  • Deacon Ricky Brightman Church Beyond the Walls

  • Shelly Perterson- Chefs Feeding Kids

  • Sue Bowler- St Paul St Vincent de Paul



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