Welcome New Board of Directors

 New Board of Directors

President: Liz Neubauer- McAuley Village
Vice President: King Odell- People’s Baptist Church
Secretary: Cathy Fox- St. Michael’s Church
Treasurer: John Lawlor-St. Martin’s Episcopal Church

THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS TO PAST BOARD MEMBERS, Diana Burdett and Yvette Kenner! Your hard work and dedication to the Good Friday Walk for many years has made this world a better place.


  • Board of Directors

             Members: Liz Neubauer, King Odell, Cathy Fox and John Lawlor

  • Step Out Site Committee,Chair— Mary Hollinshead

                  Members: John Lawlor, Clarise Gothbert, Bill Aldrich and Ray Morgan

  • Communications Committee ,Chair—Doreen Holmes

              Members: Eileen Solyts and George Marley

  • Logistics Committee ,Chair—Sr. Mary Reilly / Co Chair-Cathy Fox

              Members: Sr Joan Rokicki

  • Fundraising  Committee, Chair—Yvette Kenner

              Members: Liz Neubauer and George Marley


Members-at Large

  • William Aldrich Project Outreach, Open Table of Christ

  • Clarice Gothberg Project Outreach, Open Table of Christ

  • Mary HollinsheadEpiphany Soup Kitchen

  • Doreen Holmes– Mary House

  • Eileen Soltys–  Mary House

  • Chris IzzoSt Martin Episcopal Church

  • Yvette KennerCalvary Babtist Church & South Providence Matter

  • Carol Leveillee McAuley House

  • George Marley– Aids Care OS

  • Ray Morgan St. Anthony (Providence)

  • Sr Mary Reilly, RSM– Sophia Academy

  • Ann Wiard Good Neighbors



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