History of the Good Friday Walk

The history of the Good Friday Walk:

Forty one years ago the issues of hunger and homelessness were becoming an area of deep concern.

Today, in 2019,  these same concerns are even more pervasive and widespread, touching more people than ever.

The lives of the poor among us were a clarion call to all those concerned with poverty – and all that poverty generates.  At first, and for several years afterwards, the Walk primarily was a work of the Roman Catholic parishes in the City of Providence.

It grew as a faith experience and as a means to raise funds for local, national, and international groups struggling to end hunger and homelessness.

The participating groups and churches began to grow when the Walk Board of Directors invited those of other denominations to participate.  The effort was well received.

Our walk has grown to 500 in numbers.  We have raised $20,000-$25,000 and our goal this year is $35,000.  Please help us reach this goal, and provide hope to all those we serve. Thank you.

The intent always has been to remain an all-volunteer organization to maximize the distribution of funds.  This labor of love joins individuals and organizations in a way that is both a faith and action-filled experience.

The Walk is supported by a broad cross-section of religious denominations and communities, schools, nonprofit organizations, and businesses.